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A Network for RNP Structure, Function and Mechanism of Action

Image Image RNAs associate with proteins to form highly complex and dynamic ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes. The goal of this ITN (RNPnet) is first to bring together existing labs from different discipline, to join forces and tackle key questions in the field, and second, to produce highly-trained young researchers that will be sensitized to RNA and possess a multidisciplinary approach to research. The projects are centered around three main biological topics (pre-mRNA processing, RNA editing and modification, RNA surveillance and regulatory RNAs)Image and will be tackled with different disciplines in a cooperative and integrative manner. The groups in the network are experts in different technologies including organic chemistry, structural biology (NMR, X-ray crystallography and cryoEM),Image biochemistry, biophysics, high-throughput RNA-protein mapping, computational biology and live cell imaging.

Please find the 3rd RNPnet Newsletter here(external link).
Please find the 2nd RNPnet Newsletter here(external link).
Please find the 1st RNPnet Newsletter here(external link).

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