pre-mRNA processing

Frédéric Allain(external link),
ETH, Zurich (Switzerland)- Structure determination of RRM-RNA complexes

Edouard Bertrand(external link),
CNRS, Montpellier (France)- In vivo dynamics of SR protein-RNA interactions

Maria Carmo-Fonseca(external link),
University of Lisbon (Portugal)- Effect of SR protein phosphorylation on splicing

Eduardo Eyras(external link),
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (Spain) - Co-evolution of SR protein-RNA recognition

Karla Neugebauer(external link),
MPI Cell Biology, Dresden (Germany)- Identification of in vivo binding sites of SR proteins

Jamal Tazi(external link),
Splicos, Montpellier (France)-Small molecules inhibiting splicing mechanisms

RNA editing and modification

Teresa Carlomagno(external link),
EMBL, Heidelberg (Germany)- Selective RNA labeling and complementary structural biology approaches for large RNP complexes

Julius Lukeŝ(external link),
Biology Centre, Geske Budejovice (Czech Republic)- RNA editing in Trypanosoma brucei

Ronald Micura(external link),
University of lnnsbruck (Austria)-RNA chemical modification as a tool to understand RNA function

mRNA surveillance and regulatory RNAs

Elena Conti(external link),
MPI Biochemistry, Munich (Germany)- Structure and function of EJC-binding proteins

Hervé Le Hir(external link),
ENS Paris (France)- Mapping of EJC-binding sites in neurons

Nicole Meisner-Kober(external link),
Novartis, Basel (Switzerland)- RNA-protein interactions

Lori Passmore (external link),
MRC-LMB, Cambridge (UK)-TIA-mRNA-miRNA ternary map

Carsten Sachse(external link),
EMBL, Heidelberg (Germany)-Structure determination by electron 3D microscopy

Mihaela Zavolan(external link),
University of Basel (Switzerland)- Small regulatory RNAs

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